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10 Tips Moving with Kids

Moving With Kids

moving with kids

10 Tips to Help You Through the Process

Relocating can be a daunting task whether it is across the country or around the corner. If you add children into this mix, the situation can become stressful. But it doesn’t have to be traumatic. Luckily your company has FEAH to assist you and your family through this transition into a new home and community.

Here are 10 tips for moving with kids to a new home and neighborhood.

  1. Don’t wait to tell the kids about the move. While it may seem preferable to procrastinate in telling your family until all details are worked out, it is advisable to let everyone know once you confirm the relocation. Telling your children immediately will allow them some time to adjust to the idea.
  2. Welcome all questions and answer them as honestly as possible. While the children may not need to know every detail, which would seem overwhelming, consider allowing them to lead the conversation by answering their direct questions. They may have concerns you did not consider.
  3. Be positive. While you may be experiencing some sadness about the move, you are relocating for positive reasons. Try to focus on the benefits. Your positive attitude will help to manifest a smoother transition, and reassure family members that the move is advantageous for the entire family.
  4. Create an enthusiastic goodbye to your old home and community. Consider having a going away gathering to allow everyone an opportunity to say farewell to family and friends. Make a “memory board” or a special address book that every can help produce.
  5. Organize a special welcoming ritual for your new home. Plant a tree or flowers in the yard. Take a family photo in front of the home and hang it in a special place. Hang a special wreath or plaque on the front door.
  6. Construct a kit containing all necessities so they are immediately available. Think about not only toothbrushes, soaps, and shampoos; but also consider favorite toys and night lights.
  7. Try to re-establish family routines as soon as possible to create a sense of stability. These routines include not only bedtimes, but re-instating favorite activities like sports or social clubs.
  8. Allow the kids to set up the new home, especially their bedroom. Kids like to feel a sense of accomplishment and that their opinion matters, giving them some freedom to decorate their space could help the transition and make them feel more comfortable in the new house.
  9. Familiarize everyone with the new neighborhood and schools. Go on “family drives” throughout the community to discover together the location of grocery stores, libraries, schools, or your favorite gathering places like movie theaters, restaurants, and bowling alleys.
  10. Prioritize unpacking. Resist the urge to begin immediately decorating. Try to settle the kids into their space first. Setting up the kids’ bedrooms first will help them sleep soundly and can create positive emotions about the new home, and community.

Relocating isn’t just about you starting a new career or moving to a better place – it is a entirely new adventure for your family. Teach your kids to embrace it. In the end, the bigger lesson of handling changes with grace is a great learning lesson in life. For more advice on moving, check out our 5 Moving Tips and Tricks article.