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11 Ways to Create a Cozy Guest Room

11 Ways to Create a Cozy Guest Room

11 Ways to Create a Cozy Guest Room

Make Your Guest Feel at Home in Your Home

Having friends or family come to stay is usually an exciting time. You want to make sure that they are well taken care of and feel comfortable like your home is their home (at least for a short time). How can you create a cozy guest room that feels like a “home away from home?”

Here are 11 ways to create a cozy guest room that are simple and inexpensive, but will leave a lasting impression that your guests will appreciate.

1) Keep the space clean and uncluttered.

Try to avoid using the space just to store your unused personal items. Guest tend to bring a lot of things, which can crowd an already cluttered room. Reserve the guest room, keeping it clean and tidy.

2) Always have fresh bedding.

The bedding does not have to be expensive, but newly laundered pieces go a long way to making a guest feel welcome. Also, put together a fresh look for the room, consider coordinating a design to incorporate bedding, window treatments, and wall color.

3) Have lighting, outlets, and a clock near the bed.

Provide a power strip for multiple outlet availability for things like recharging phones, lamps and alarm clocks. Having all of this in one area is convenient for your guest. Having a lamp by the bed also feels cozier that a bright, harsh overhead light. Also, display a clear note containing wi-fi passwords.

4) Offer empty dresser drawers and closet space.

Many times a spare bedroom is used store seasonal clothing items or extra linens. Try to keep a few drawers empty and a little closet space free. For a guest, living out of a suitcase for days can be frustrating. Help them feel comfortable by allowing them to unpack their things.

5) Create a basket filled with little essentials.

Place a basket in the room filled with toiletries and necessities, like tissues, mini shampoos and lotions, toothpaste, or medicines like Tylenol and Motrin. If your guest has forgotten something, they will appreciate having to not ask for it.

6) Keep a small wastebasket in the room.

Provide a small trash bin for your guests. A wastebasket is convenient, and a way for your guests to keep the room neat and tidy during their stay.

7) Everyone loves fluffy, fresh towels.

Keep a variety of towels in the room for showering and washing up. Fluffy towels can be a nice luxury your guests will appreciate. Also, make sure to place more towels than seem necessary.

8) Offer reading materials.

It is sometimes difficult to fall asleep when you are away from home. Reading at bedtime can be soothing and relaxing. Keep a variety of magazines or paperbacks beside the bed. These books can be pick up at a Goodwill store, and the magazines can be free publications showcasing activities in your town.

9)Place glass over bedside tables.

If your bedside tables are wood, consider placing a piece of glass over it. Guests do not want to feel like they may ruin the furniture by creating a water ring from a class of water. This also helps to prevent accidental scratching.

10) Provide a full-length mirror.

Chances are your guest may be visiting to attend a special occasion. Having a full-length mirror in your guest room is a nice touch. The extra mirror could also free up bathroom space allowing one person to get ready in the bedroom and one in the bathroom.

11) Provide a homemade goodie bag.

Guests may not feel comfortable going into your kitchen for a late night snack or drink of water. Provide them with bottles of water and snacks like granola bars, apples, bananas, or crackers. With a few questions you can tailor the snacks to your guests liking.

Taking the time to furnish your guest room with these simple touches can make any guest feel cozy while away from home. They will appreciate how you made them feel special, and will remember that the next time you visit them!