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Maryland Home Resource Network (MDHRN)

MDHRN is a joint venture of businesses that specialize in various aspects associated with home ownership. MDHRN stands for Maryland Home Resource Network. We realized that we were much more than just a housing program. That is why MDHRN has combined the core competencies of each partner to become the channel that allows employers to offer a unique and valuable benefit to their employees.




Employee Benefits

MDHRN works hard making sure everything is grounded around creating a better and easier process for you. Our services are here to help reduce the stress of finding quality companies local to you and give you access to financial counseling. We are dedicated getting you the life-work balance that you’ve been working toward.

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Employer Benefits

Attracting and keeping talented employees is a challenge. By giving your company the ability to offer a comprehensive program exclusive to your employees is essential. MDHRN can help you gain the ability to recruit and maintain employees by improving retention and offering a competitive benefits package.

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