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Bathroom Trends in 2015

Bathroom Trends in 2015

Making Your Washroom the Conversation Piece

According to a style report released by the National Kitchen and Bath Association bathroom renovation trends for 2015 are shifting toward a more simplistic, cleaner, and more contemporary look. Homeowners, though, are not completely dismissing traditional rustic and cozy charm, but they are favoring cleaner simpler lines. 2015 is also seeing a surge in “green” products and energy efficient designs. Luxury items are also popular, creating a more at home “spa-like” experience.

Here are some of the biggest bathroom trends for 2015.

Open Showers
Large walk-in showers, also known as “doorless showers,” “curb-less showers,” and “no-threshold showers” are accommodating this trend. These showers also create convenient and safe accessibility for anyone, particularly seniors, who might have a hard time stepping up and over to access their showers. Large walk in showers also offer steam showers for a spa-like experience.
Open Shower

Absent Tubs
Residential architects are reporting that they’re designing and building more bathtub-free bathrooms with stall showers than they have in previous years. This could be for numerous reasons, such as to eliminate wasting water, or because folks are busier and just may not have time for baths. Homeowners are weighing the options as to whether a bathtub is worth the expense or if that money should be allocated elsewhere
Absent Tub

Free-Standing Tubs
For homeowners who are opting to spend money on a tub, many are considering a large soaking tub as the center-piece of the new bathroom design. These may feature a modern twist on the old claw foot tub or innovative “jacuzzi” style.
free standing tubs

Interesting Touches
Fixtures in interesting metallic finishes have frequently appeared on home shows, as designers are utilizing what could be an inexpensive way to spruce up your bathroom quickly. Bold colors and expensive designs are also growing in popularity. Using an eye-catching fixture could add a unique finishing touch or stand alone as a focal point.
interesting bathroom touches

Hand-held Showers
Many home owners like to be able to control the direction of the water in their shower. Hand help showers are increasingly desirable for this purpose. They often include massage features, which is why a handheld design can be convenient.
hand held shower

Energy Efficient Features
Products like radiant heated floors, LED lighting, water saving toilets, and high tech automatic faucets are showing up more and more in homes. In the past, these features were considered to be “luxury” items. These features are now considered worth the investment, as they are energy efficient, saving homeowners money over many years.
energy efficient bathroom

His and Hers Vanity Sinks
Homeowners realize the benefit of having a vanity with dual sinks. This is especially true in bathrooms used by multiple siblings. It is also convenient for busy working couples who may need to use the bathroom at the same time in the morning. This investment can be certainly worth it if it makes for smoother mornings between siblings and spouses.
dual vanities

Livingroom Accessories
Designers are transforming bathrooms into an ultimate retreat for relaxation by adding televisions, surround-sound stereo systems, and fireplaces. These items that used to only grace our living-rooms have now made it elsewhere to expand our living space. Some homeowners may see the bathroom as nothing but utilitarian, but in 2015 we will see many homeowners take the idea of “restroom” to a whole new level.
fireplace in bathroom