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Corporate Benefits Program

Corporate Benefits Program

Attracting and keeping talented employees is a challenge. By giving your company the ability to offer a comprehensive housing program exclusively to your employees, to help retain and recruit better candidates. Participating MDHRN employers have experienced tremendous advantages through our program, including:

Improved Employee Loyalty & Retention

Reduce Recruitment & Training Costs

Reduced Recruitment & Training Costs

Competitive Benefits Package

Competitive Benefits Package

Make It Easy For Them to Pick You.

How Does It Work?

MDHRG’s exclusive Housing Program offers assist new or existing employees through the moving and home buying process. For new employees, this could mean working with our Relocation Coordinator to move from out-of-state. For your employees, it could mean getting help for their existing property through MDHRN’s Featured Partners or looking at properties closer to work.

Whether it is looking for quality and vetted home services or need temporary housing while MDHRN assists in finding a forever home, we do it all. With MDHRN, it can save your employees up to 65% of a state-to-state move, along with other savings after the fact. To learn more about all the benefits to you and your employees, contact us today!

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Corporate Benefits Program January 13, 2015