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Decorating Your Rental

Decorating Your Rental

decorating your rental

Make a Rental Feel Like Yours

Adding your creative flair to a rental property may seem challenging or expensive, but by being patient and using a variety of resources, you can decorate on a budget and have fun doing it. Here is some simple advice for decorating your rental property, or apartment that will help make your space more cheery and unique.

Visit Local Shops

Home decor consignment shops are also becoming increasingly popular. Many of these shops may have staging areas already set up to help you gather everything you need, or inspire your creativity.  Also, the employees at these stores may have a knack for thrifty or unique decorating. Do not hesitate to call on them for a bit of artistic advice.

Change the Paint

Nothing will change the look and feel of a room as cheaply and quickly as a fresh coat of paint. Make sure to get permission from your rental agent or landlord prior to making bold choices, and if so, be prepared to change the color back if you move. If you cannot paint the walls, consider repainting an accent piece of furniture a bold color or funky design. An unusual piece of furniture can liven up a room, and even inspire the complete design of the rest of the room.

Window Treatments

This is a simple way to add depth or height to a room. Using floor length drapery creates the illusion of higher ceilings. Consider a bright color or a bold pattern to make a statement. Curtains can also hide dated blinds or shades, and create a modern updated look. If you are crafty try making your own window treatments. Making your curtains can play up a decorating theme, while at the same time being functional art.

Accent With Color

Using pillows, vases or different accent pieces throughout your space that stays within a particular palette is a great way to make your space feel cohesive. Consider the other tips, like visiting local shops and painting – pick out statement pieces and spray paint them all the same color. This is a easy and cheap way to accent with color.

Hang Bold Artwork

Depending on your decor, try finding a large piece salvaged from an antique market that can cover an entire wall. Or, create a picture collage using family photos or images that are seemingly unrelated, which, in fact, follow a theme, in various sizes and shapes.

Spruce Up Outside

Don’t forget about the front porch or back patio. Planters or candles, even curtains or umbrellas can help create a cozy up the front porch and create a welcoming place. It can add instant curb appeal and make a great first impression. Consider a fire pit for the back patio, which is both functional and decorative.

Brighten the House

Lamps not only brighten up a room but can make an intriguing decorating expression. Lamps come in various shapes, sizes and styles. They can be functional or simply create a mood. Some lamps are true works of art.

Decorate an unexpected space

Give some attention to a non-typical room, like a laundry room. Try to create multi-purposes like a craft workspace or a bar for use during a holiday gathering or a dinner party. Brighten up a hallway or corner. These hidden spaces, if utilized creatively can also double as attractive storage areas, by using baskets or decorative storage bins.