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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Home Ready to Sell

Selling you home this Spring? Learn more on how to spruce up your home for potential buyers.

Tips on How to Get Your Home Ready This Spring

If you are considering putting your home on the market this spring, it is the perfect time to begin sprucing up your space to prepare for potential buyers. With just a few weekends and a minimal budget, there are some simple things you can do to increase your sales potential.

Here are simple steps to getting your home ready to sell.

Organize Small Spaces

Consider emptying half of the contents and reorganizing the closets and cabinets. Potential buyers are always looking for extra space and the bigger these small spaces look, the better. Also, keeping cabinets and closets decluttered helps folks imagine how they might utilize the space.

Maximize the Light

A bright, cheery house is more welcoming than a dreary dark place. Hang lighter, and sheer curtains so it doesn’t block out light. Make sure all the blinds are open too to maximize the natural light. Use neutral colored accessories to help to brighten the mood of a room, and keep it feeling hospitable.

Coat of Paint

In high traffic areas, a quick coat of paint is an excellent way to make the room appear cleaner and brighter. Painting helps to cover up any smudges or stains, instantly making the space spotless and fresh. Remember neutral colors are the best but they aren’t limited to white and beige.

Don’t Over Upgrade

It is understandable wanting to update the kitchen or bathroom to make your house more appealing to buyers. Just be wary of overspending. Don’t spend more than you will get back for your investment. Small upgrades such as new towel bars and rings or faucets in the bathroom, or hardware on the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen can make a good impression on a small budget.


Put away personal memorabilia or even excessive family photos and mementos. While these items certainly have meaning to you, unfortunately, they could turn away a potential buyer for numerous reasons. Try to keep the home as neutrally decorated as possible, that way folks can imagine their items and families in the space.

Make Minor Repairs

Patch holes or cracks in the walls. Replace burnt out light bulbs. Repair leaky faucets or running toilets. Fix squeaky doors or jammed drawers. These minor repairs help the house look for efficient and have the best return on your investment.

Spruce-up an Unusual Space

For example, a laundry room is a perfect place to enhance. Hanging shelves or a cabinet, and painting the walls a friendly color can help make the room seem more put together. Creating a space, like a laundry room, that utilizes the space most efficiently is appealing to home buyers.

Make the kitchen the Centerpiece

The kitchen has been called the heart of the home, and with a few changes you can make it most appealing. Fresh paint on the walls, clean accent towels, switching out the faucets. Consider minor updates to the cabinets, such as, painting or changing the hardware. Declutter the surfaces will also make it look open and clean.

Curb Appeal

Plant some inexpensive shrubs or flowers. Or if you do not have a green thumb or the time to redo landscaping, simply clean out the beds and lay fresh mulch. Hang flower pots on your porch, or place planters with flowers and plants around the property. This adds a pop of color and life which makes a great first impression.

Remove Traces of Your Pet

It is ok to love your pet, but keep in mind a prospective buyer may not. Remove the kitty litter box, make sure your furniture is fur free, even put away the food and water dishes during a showing. If you are having a weekend open house, consider having someone watch over your pet for a few days.

Make the House Sparkle

Clean, clean, clean! Wash the windows, steam clean the carpets, clean out the fridge and freezer, power wash the walkways and driveways. More than that make sure there is no clutter. This takes time so getting started now will make it easier to spot clean later on.

Clean out the Garage

If the rest of the house is organized, and the garage is cluttered, this can be very disconcerting to a potential buyer. Go through the garage and donate unused items. Invest in a few racks and shelves to organize tools and other things. Also consider packing some thing and putting into storage. This will not only help clean but get you ready when you need to move.

Always be Ready

You never know when the best time for a buyer is to see your property, so, always be prepared at a moment’s notice to show your house. It may seem inconvenient, but being ready at the right time, for the right person, could make or break a potential sale. This means making sure you family really stays on top of picking up after themselves.

Not all of these tips need to be followed to make your home ready to sell this Spring, but following a few will help. Go through this list and walk through your property to see what needs to be a priority. A few changes with minimal investments in time and money could make your home more appealing to potential buyers.