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Being a Good Employee

Being a Good Employee

Being a Good Employee

Ask Not What Your Company Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Your Company

There is a lot about how to be a great manager, or how companies can provide for their employees – but what about being a good employee? The most intelligent companies, when considering a future employee will look beyond the resume and weigh personality when determining promotions, job advancement and additional training. Today’s managers and businesses desire certain qualities in their employees. Knowing and practicing these characteristics can dramatically increase your worth as an employee.

Know Your Manager

It is important to be able to manage your boss. This does not mean sucking up to him, but knowing his likes and dislikes and how he works. Does he prefer all email correspondence or personal communication? How does he deal with the unexpected, and how can you help the situation? It is helpful to be respectful of his expectations.

Offer Solutions, Not Problems

When a problem does arrive, don’t dwell on the negative, but seek an answer, and offer the solution. Work with a goal in mind, and explore many options. This strategy is helpful if your original proposal cannot work; it is a good idea to have a backup or two.

Be Ambitious

Show a strong desire and determination to succeed. Great employees have the stamina to do outstanding work. They set the pace for others to follow. If you want to be amazing at what you do and be appreciated by the boss, look for ways to outdo yourself. Be the best you can be.

Work Independently

Be an employee who can get the job done without extensive hand-holding. Once given your task, focus on accomplishing the goal. If you do have questions, don’t not be afraid to ask, but use your skills to get the answer then move on.

Show Confidence & Be Modest

There is nothing wrong with knowing and showing that you are great at what you do. The key is to not be arrogant about it. Take the initiative and offer to assist or lead a project, but do not be pompous about it. There is always something new to learn or room for growth.

Exhibit Honesty

A great employee is honest about his work qualifications. Follow work rules and policies and inspire others to do the same. A trustworthy employee is indispensable in today’s workforce. A manager appreciates a reliable staff; when everyone can trust each other it makes for a positive and productive work environment.

Develop Your Skills

Whenever you have the opportunity, try to enhance and improve the skills you already have. Broaden the areas of tasks that you can perform. The goal is to have more than one skill set. Showing diversity could be the difference between you or your co-worker qualifying for a promotion.

Learn From Constructive Criticism

Feedback provided by a boss or a senior level employee can be invaluable. Avoid going on the defensive, and accept responsibility. Being humble shows your boss that you are willing to learn and grow from your mistakes. Apply the advice and be better.

Show You’re Hardworking & Dedicated

A good employee never hesitates to take responsibility for a mistake or accept a more responsible position. He is ready to work beyond the call of duty in order to meet goals or to solve problems, even if the task is not one he is usually assigned.

Be Dependable & Punctual

Arrive for work on time, or better yet, be at least 15 minutes early for your shift. Leaving your home early will help to ensure your promptness, even if there are extraneous issues, such as traffic or parking. It is best that you be waiting for your client or boss, not leave someone waiting on you.

Avoid Gossip

While it is important to develop a good relationship with your co-workers, it is advisable to avoid extensive conversations during business hours. It is especially smart to steer clear of instigating or participating in a gossip session about your boss or another co-worker. Not only is this counterproductive, but it is also unethical.