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Relocation Made Easy

Relocation Made Easy


Tips Before You Move

Relocating for a new job is one of the top reasons people move to a different state. Moving for a job when you’re single is nothing compared to when you’re married. It can be a very exciting yet stressful time for the whole the family. Here some tips to help the whole transition go a lot a smoother.

New Cost of Living

Before you move, it is a good idea to check out the demographics of your new area. Moving to a city can mean a higher cost of groceries, utilities, etc. Knowing these things ahead of time can help with making a new budget for your family. There are free cost of living calculators where you can put both your old town and new town side by side and see the difference.

Research with the Family

Do some research about the area you’ll be moving in to. If you have kids, the idea of moving to a new school is scary, but if you show them all the fun stuff that’s waiting to be explored it can help soften the blow. Check out google maps for shopping centers, historical places, museums, ball fields, etc. If you are able to visit before the big move try to do so, if it’s during school months, try and schedule a visit to the school so the first day won’t be too overwhelming for children.

Talking to Fido

Before you make the move make sure any pets you have are up to date on all their shots. Finding doctors for yourself will be stressful enough, making sure your pet is up to date and healthy will prolong the need of finding a vet right away. Look and see if any dog parks are in the area, it will be a great way to meet locals and hear the scoop on the veterinarians in the area. Giving them a new toy once in the new place, will help take away the anxiety of all the new sounds and smells.

Be Organized

Put all receipts, contracts, forms in one organizational folder. You may need these later for tax purposes, or for getting reimbursed by an employer. Also make a to-do list for both moving and moving in. You want to make sure everything is turned on and turned off at the appropriate location.

Stay Positive

Try to be patient and understanding if the whole family isn’t onboard with the move. Moving to a new place can be a great bonding experience for the whole family. Make sure during the first few weeks that family dinners are a routine, and spend the weekends taking the family around town.

With FEAH, they are with you every step of the way to ensure the process goes smoothly. Whether you’re moving to a different city or cross country they will be there. FEAH has a host of vendors that will guide and educate you through the process and above all save you money.