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Retaining Talented Employees

Retaining Talented Employees

etaining talented employees

Meeting Today’s Challenges

Retaining talented employees has become a challenge in today’s workplace. According to, every manager should be aware that keeping your key employees creates an efficient workplace, ensures customer satisfaction, and increases sales, thus promoting growth for the business.

This seems obvious but then why do companies have a hard time retaining employees?

Here is a list for human resource managers and project managers to refer to when hiring employees and should consider daily to reduce employee turnover.

  1. Be up front about expectations. Intelligibly describe your employee’s roles. If specific people are working on specific projects, it will eliminate duality in the workplace. Nothing will hurt production or morale more than if multiple people are performing the same task.
  2. Communicate your business distinctly. Clearly define your company’s mission statement. This will prove invaluable. When everyone is working toward a common goal productivity increases, promoting growth.
  3. Keep communication lines clear and open between employees and managers. Encourage employees to ask questions and voice concerns or opinions. Persuade managers of the importance of being honest yet motivating. It is proven that intimidation is counterproductive.
  4. Provide proper training and orientation. Invest the time to educate your new employee for his particular position. Never assume that a newly hired employee, while experienced, already knows how your company operates. A complete orientation includes not only an introduction to operations but employees. This will create a comfortable work environment.
  5. Hire managers that get involved. Managers that are “hands on” can inspire employees to work harder and more efficiently. Employees are inspired when a manager is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and hop in and help. Managers must avoid micromanaging every task and allow for employee growth. They also should have a sense of when they need to step in or step back.
  6. Promote friendly competition. Interoffice incentives and contests can promote creativity and innovation. It could also be a fun way to get a project started, create positive buzz and encourage a positive work environment. It can also get employees thinking like a team.
  7. Empower your employees. Seek out your employees’ opinions and show that you value their input and ideas. Giving positive feedback and encouraging idea sharing, shows your staff that you value them, which is reflected in company productivity.
  8. Promote from within. If an employee realizes that their diligent effort can be rewarded with promotions and bonuses, they will be inspired to continue to be loyal and hard working. Promoting from within can reduce cost because it will reduce training time and encourage growth quicker.
  9. Care about the small details. Not every benefit to working at a company has to come with all the glitz and glamour. Consider buying the office lunch on Fridays or closing the office early on Monday once a quarter. Little details show your employees you care about them, making them feel valued, thus encouraging retention.
  10. Include more flextime or telecommuting. Modern families are super busy, and stress can affect productivity if an employee cannot rightly focus because of a child transportation issue or a sick family member. Offer a parent the ability to work from home while caring for a sick loved one, or have employees telecommute during severe weather. This promotes health and wellness, thus alleviating unnecessary anxiety.
  11. Hire right the first time. Resist the urge to hire a person because of an urgent need to fill a position. Take the time to interview and research potential new hires. It saves time and money if you hire the right person from the start.

In all it is important to not get chained down to traditional beliefs that it is all business. The truth is we are all just trying to find a balance between working and family. Giving them resources and understanding is helpful in retaining talented employees.